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Bodywork MassageWhat is ailing your body? Let’s find out together. This classic healing massage treatment is for anyone with general aches and tension or specific tight and sore spots or wants relaxation. Full body therapeutic Swedish massage techniques have been known to loosen muscles along with concentrated energy spot work to help ease specific painful areas.  Leave feeling less sore and relaxed.

60 minutes $60  90 minutes $75

Salt Stone Bodywork Massage-  What can massage with warm Himalayan Salt Stones do for you?  The 84 minerals can be anti-inflammatory and relieve muscle tension. Heating the salt stones works like your favorite Himalayan salt stone lamp by releasing negative ions in the air to purify. Smooth stones glide over your skin working into muscles and the grounding effect may leave you feeling connected and centered. Negative energy can melt away and the body is warmed, relaxed and ready for it's own natural healing. 

A Healistics Shop Specialty! 60 minutes $60  90 minutes  $75

Spotwork Massage - What is hurting? Let's work just on that spot!  Working through trouble spots like neck and shoulders, low back, calves, or back. Heat from bamboo or salt stones, essentials oils and deeper massage techniques can relieve those areas giving you the most pain. This is not a full body massage, but a concentrated spot massage meant to treat one to two areas of concern.  

Full 30 minutes $30   60 minutes $60  90 minutes $85

Thaiwork Mobility Massage- What is holding you back from moving freely?  Therapeutic combination of compression massage and assisted yoga like stretching in a full body treatment that may relieve muscle tension, improves circulation, brings the client back to balance and better mobility, and treats the body energetically. The massage is performed fully clothed with no oils or creams on the massage table. Please wear loose workable clothing like, shorts, yoga pants and tank tops.  Can be perfect for the athlete, yogi or anyone wanting more mobility and body balance. Don't be intimidated or concerned about your flexibility - we meet you where you are!

Full 30 minutes $30 Perfect to combine with a massage!

Head Massage - An often forgotten part of massage, head massage can be one of the most relaxing modalities there is! Our session is easy to work into a busy day, as we use no oils, just essential oil scented hands to work away tension, ease headaches with gentle pressure and ear reflexology. Stay fully clothed and be ready to be swept away. 

Full 45 minutes  $45 

Essential oils may be added to any service based on what you need also add an herbal steam or energywork session to your massage - just add it on at booking!