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 Mindful Foot Reflexology Massage - Both your sole and soul will walk away lighter and refreshed. We begin the foot treatment with a herbal foot bath or wrap and aromatherapy scrub or mud, next a modern traditional, yet massage liketotally relaxing foot reflexology treatment with warm Himalayan Salt stones, herbal towels and essential oils. Reflexology is a holistic discipline using the fingers to apply alternating and firm pressures to the feet, hands or ears to stimulate physiological changes in the body through reflexes and the nervous system.

A time honored preventative and relieving method for headaches, plantar fasciitis, IBS and constipation, PMS, stress management, fibromyalgia, anxiety and sleeping difficulties. May induce deep nurturing and grounding relaxation. Truly an energy modality. It's what we are known for! 

45 minutes $45     
75 minutes $60

Mindful Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage- The ultimate in relaxation and holistic benefit! Begin with a warm paraffin wax hand dip and wrap and an herbal foot wrap and aromatherapy scrub or mud, then reflexology on the hands AND feet. A special treatment with the wow factor!  90 Minutes $75

no packages please

Energywork -  Reiki is a light or no touch fully-clothed modality using energy to balance and clear body and mind blockages. Reiki helps and may relieve pain and clear overwhelmed, disconnected and ungrounded feelings. You will leave you feeling more calmed and open to your own healing powers. We will start with a body aura scan then singing bowls, crystal healing and aromatherapy may assist the energy flow and energy balancing. It’s a body, mind, and spirit connection between Reiki energy and your life centers and performed by a trained Reiki Master or Reiki Practitioner.

30 minutes $30 add this service to a Bodywork Massage!

Reiki and Rebalancing -  An amazing combo of energy work and movement.  We believe the body stores energy in muscles, joints and tissues. Using the clearing and relaxing properties of Reiki energy healing with the pulsing and movement of rebalancing massage we also believe you can spark self healing. Fully clothed 45 minute sessions. 

45 minutes $50

Herbal Steam Tent - Herbal steam bath is a process of steaming herbs such as lemongrass, ginger, mint, kaffir lime and camphor inside a "Kra Chome" or fabric tent structure. You are seated inside for two 10 - 15 minute sessions, with cooling times between - suggested benefits can be amazing, like better sleep, ease of congestion, meditative states and may help with stress! Guided meditation can be played during steam to jump start a meditation practice. Similar to a sweat lodge experience. Highly recommended as an add-on to any service! Yoni steams are also available - see info page.  45 minutes $20